Friday, January 23, 2009

One leg, two crutches, three great gigs!

Haven't posted for a few days but I'm sure you (as in my non-existant imaginary reader) will understand when you hear how busy I've been... I've lost enough weight now that my prosthetic leg isn't fitting properly. I switched to crutches until the skin under one of my arms split (maybe because I wouldn't stop doing stuff, I'm a shocker). I then got myself some crutches that sit at the hands/wrists... I'm still doing too much and OW my hands hurt.

Still, who could NOT do too much? I had tickets I bought pre-crutches to:
1. Cinematic orchestra at the Palais on the 20/01
2. Kel Day, Emma Wall & Ann Vriend at Manchester Lane on 22/01
3. Paul Kelly and Leonard Cohen at Rochford Winery on 24/10

Plus lots of fun socialising and catching up in between. What can I say, I don't know how to slow down!

*photo above added 25/01: Leonard Cohen on the large screen next to the stage - he rocked!

Which is probably why I should be (and am, hooray!) reading A Year of Slow Food by David & Gerda Foster... only one chapter so far as I'm also trying to get through my Nietzsche reader, but it's great reading already :)

I must say that being on the crutches has slowed down my efforts at cooking new things and cleaning the house chemical free - or cleaning the house at all. During the week it's all I can do to get to work, get through the day, go out and socialise or see gigs, and then get home again. It seems you can be a worker and socialite on crutches, or a worker and homebody on crutches. Ah well I've clearly made this week's choice. I'm comforting myself with the thought that on the weekend (between Leonard Cohen on Saturday and a party on sunday lol) I will clean it from top to bottom, crutches or no. At the moment it's a sty. Harrumph.

At least I got to test drive my new soap shaker - brilliant! I'm not 100% sure that I'm getting all the soap off of the dishes when I rinse them - it LOOKS like I am - but I guess I'll find out next time I eat off one ;)


  1. hi there,
    it's Hilary McNevin here and I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words about the Guide to Fish. I have a blog, - could i put a link up there to your review and direct anyone that looks at my blog to yours as well?
    let me know what you think,

  2. Hi Hilary, so awesome that you've commented on my blog - I'm a little bit chuffed I must admit ;)

    Of course you can link to my blog and the review! I never thought the author'd be reading it when I wrote it *chuckle*

    Your book kicks some serious butt. I'm 24 and am still learning to shop for my own food and cook (when i moved out at 18 I just about lived on oriental two minute noodles), and I am particularly new to fish, so your book is just so helpful.

    While you're here, I should ask you something - I was wanting to research the red list fish a bit more to find out why they made it there. The one I'm most interested in is flake, as many of my friends eat it once every week or two. I'd love to tell them a bit more about why they shouldn't be eating it at all!

    Might see you around at the Collingwood farmer's market sometime :)

  3. Thanks again for supporting the Guide to Fish! Re your question - i based my choices of species on the research of the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), as i'm sure you're aware. Most of the fish have been chosen as the AMCS have discovered their numbers are dangerously low and they may be slow to grow (eg orange roughy takes 25 years before it reproduces). Re flake aka shark their populations have dwindled appallingly - if you haven't seen the movie Shark Water, try to get a viewing of it or go to They may also help your friends,
    I hope this is of some help and please email me on if you ever have any questions,


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