Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am a Wally with water...

I remember the "don't be a Wally with water" campaign from primary school, and I must confess that I did not learn my lesson at the time. I always knew I was taking long showers - I would have pegged it at about ten minutes, which is still obviously way too long. However, earlier in the week I started putting a timer on so I'd know how long my showers actually were.

The first one was fifteen minutes. Ouch! What was I doing in there? Not happy Jan.

The second time I tried to cut down the time I was in there by being careful not to just daydream and relax under the water, but focusing on what I was doing. I thought I was doing pretty well... Ten minutes. Harrumph.

Yesterday I decided to put a timer on that would go off at me after four minutes. I managed to get out at five because when the timer went off I was half through shaving my legs. Hmm. Still, five was better than fifteen and ten.

Anyway, today I really focused and managed my first-ever four minute shower. I was actually about to turn off the taps when the alarm started going off. Hooray! It should have happened a long time ago but better now than never, hey?

Who would have thought a few months ago that I'd be excited at cutting down a shower time? Once I get the four minutes down pat I'll be changing it to my final goal of three, with a fourth optional minute for days when I shave my legs.

At some stage I'd like to get a bucket I can collect the water's-still-warming-up stuff in... then I can use it to water my tomatoes and strawberries.


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  2. Are you from Ripple, Anonymous? I ended up buying the pop up bucket and the basic 4min shower timer, thanks for the tip :)


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