Saturday, March 21, 2009

Zeroing in on the problem...

Still failing on the coke front *sigh*

I'm not only failing to give it up, but I've been drinking about two cans of coke zero PER DAY since I tried giving soft drink up for a second time. What is wrong with me? I'm wondering if the old reverse psychology thing's at work here - since I told myself I couldn't have it, my desire for it has increased tenfold.

I've also started doing the whole 'oh but I'm studying so hard, I'll have one now and then once I've got these three assignments in, I can focus on giving it up properly...' Totally pissweak. If I can't resist it when I'm studying hard, I doubt I'll stop letting myself off the hook when I'm working hard or parenting hard.

I think I'm going to take down the counter, stop obsessing, and try to let it happen a bit more naturally and gradually. Maybe focus on reducing the frequency again. Obviously the hard line isn't working for me here.


P.S. just found this site called The Zero Movement - maybe this'll help motivate me a bit? It also led me to this site...


  1. Giving up coke/diet coke/coke zero is extremely hard (almost as hard as quitting smoking, and I was never a heavy smoker to start with). It took me over a year to give up when I was 17, and my coffee intake massively increased. Its not just the caffeine that makes it so addictive. I'm happily at the point where I can take or leave all soft drinks without getting hooked back onto them, but thats taken a lot longer.

    cheers (oh yeah, and I love the blog)

  2. Thanks Polly! I love this blog too - it's not that I think it's especially well written or unique, because it's not; I like it because it's the first blog I've had that felt like it was a totally positive effort for myself, instead of being something I tried to write for other people to read :)


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