Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Gah! have had two more coke zeros in the last two days. What is wrong with me? I know it's rotting my teeth, I know it's not good for my system, so why would I keep drinking it? I refuse to accept this ridiculous addiction to a not-even-all-that-tasty bottle of liquid poison.

In other news, using my towel two (gasp!) whole days in a row is going well, though I haven't used the shower bucket yet and I even shaved my legs yesterday while under running water because it was 'too cold' to turn the hot water off (where's the guts? I'm sure I used to have guts). Tsk tsk. Come on, it can't be that hard to be good can it?

Goals for tomorrow, Thursday March 5:
- NO COKE, 1 coffee allowed in the morning
- remember to get the bucket out for my shower
- pack a healthy, filling lunch so I don't go to the cafeteria and
a) spend money i don't have and
b) gaze lovingly at bottles of coke I can't drink

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