Saturday, March 7, 2009

too many lits spoil the broth

I've been studying math, biology, chemistry and physics as part of the Certificate IV Science Bridging course at NMIT for a while now and I love it, but with my off-campus literature studies at Deakin at the same time it's all getting a bit much already! I might need to drop one of the semester's lit subjects, though I'm loathe to lose any of them as they all look really interesting. We'll see how I go...

My plan is to get in a nutrition/dietetics course once I've finished this science certificate, though I'm keeping my mind and my options open for now, as I might find something within the four subjects that I love and want to keep studying. Right now I'm feeling pretty turned on by chemistry. My last biology class was pretty amazing too. I can understand and keep up with math and physics (so far!) but they're not as interesting to me yet. It may take time to get a passion happening for them. Today, at least, I really enjoyed the prac we did in physics, which was about the law of reflection.

My feeling is that some of my sustainable living goals I had for the year - learning to sew, cooking more often and more healthily, and learning to live a more environmentally friendly life - may have trouble vying for my time between science and literature. I always do plan too much for each year, and end up feeling overwhelmed. I think if I manage to think about and try to gradually change some of my ways, it'll be easier to fit it all in with the study.

I'm thinking, maybe, of setting aside a few hours each sunday to cook 1 meal type to freeze for the week (eg a vegetable slice, pasta sauce, soup, stew, lasagne etc) and 1 type of snack to have over the week (eg muffins, yoghurt, cake, dips, muesli bars, biscuits etc).

I think learning to sew will depend on making time with friends who do sew to get a bit of help. This, I have discovered, is a hard thing to organise with my busy life and my friends' busy lives. Oh well it's a long term goal.

As for a more environmentally friendly, ethical lifestyle, I am just focusing on reducing water usage until I'm under the government's target of 155 litres per person per day, learning to use my bokashi bin, giving up chocolate except for maya gold fair trade, and cleaning my house chemical free.

Ooh we have a house inspection next weekend - it'll be interesting to see how well my chemical free cleaning does in getting the place spick and span!

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