Sunday, February 8, 2009

Victoria's hottest day...

Phew, what a busy, crazy few days. I've been so busy having fun I haven't had time to blog! It was great to see some really good friends; it was also lovely to go swimming and escape the 46 degree weather for a while! It was such a relief when the cool change came through - I really appreciated it properly after the heat. My favourite weather is twenty degrees or so with a bit of drizzle to enjoy without getting drenched... lol I'm not fussy, am I? It rained today, and when I got home, I just stood outside my apartment for ten minutes enjoying the feel of cool water on my skin.

On a more serious note, I feel absolutely terrible for all of the people who lost loved ones or property or both in the fires yesterday - Bertie and I were very sad to hear that 80% of Marysville - a town we visited recently and loved - has been destroyed. We were also worried about family we have in Gippsland of course. We heard of this site where you can give money to a relief fund for Gippsland victims of the fires, so we're going to be giving a donation.

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