Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I gotta go see my supplier...

So I just found out that there's an Environment Shop round the corner from me! Very exciting news, though I'm a bit disappointed I didn't know sooner as I could have got my bokashi bin from them. Instead it's using greenhouse gases getting sent to me. At least I hope it's getting sent to me, it hasn't arrived yet. Oh well at least I can get my bokashi refill bags from the Environment Shop, which is exciting!


They sent me a catalogue, and there were SO many delightful things in there. Must... control... spending! I am not allowed to buy the remote controlled power switches, the real beer handmade shampoo bar, the staple-less stapler OR the every drop shower saver. No more buying stuff until the end of the year. Hehe.

One of the exciting (but certainly not necessary... now) things I saw was the BabyBeeHinds fitted cloth nappies - I knew I'd have to use cloth nappies when I had kids, but always hated the idea of trying to fold them into one like an origami and then try not to stab them as you get the safety pins in place *shudder* - fitted cloth nappies? Great invention :)

Apparently the Environment Shop also stocks the stuff I recently bought from Ripple, a business in Melbourne that sell water saving stuff. Cool.

OK time to leave the blogging and finish reading my chocolate book...

*Oh btw, the other day I was reading the 'About Ripple' section of their website and found this juicy, appealing bit of information about them:
"Currently, we choose 100% GreenPower from our energy provider, offer secure bicycle parking for staff, and insist on the reusing, recycling and composting of waste where appropriate. When required to print, our paper is recycled and sourced locally. We participate in a car share rather than owning a company car. Staff are encouraged to contribute to office initiatives regarding the sustainability of all our operations."

Hell yeah.

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