Monday, February 2, 2009

Mix one truck, one soft drink, a litre of homemade yoghurt and a trip to Moe... to make an eventually awesome day :)

I'm in Moe today with my A.S.I.L for one niece's first day of school and the other niece's first day of four year old kindy! I'm having a great time :)

My nieces and I used the easiyo yoghurt maker this evening: one poured, the other stirred. I'm about to boil the hot water to go into the easiyo and make it do it's magic... yoghurt for breakfast if it works YUM.

As I caught the V-line train today and passed through the Gippsland area, I must admit that I got all romantic about the idea of living on a big block in the country, with an actual house that I can retrofit instead of an apartment in the city, and a big garden that I can fill with delicious edible goodness instead of a few pots here and there. I don't know why the idea is so persistent in my mind - I'd be so isolated from friends and family out here. Then again, I guess it didn't take that long to get the train out here from 'Southern Cross Station' (you'll always be Spencer St to me!). Hmmm. I think it'd be easy to find plenty of positives and negatives about ANY suburb we've been considering. Lots to think about.

I had a soft drink can today... so that whole giving up soft drink thing obviously didn't go well. Still, I had a bad morning, the worst of which was nearly seeing my cat get run over by a truck, and then nearly getting run over when I jumped in front of that same truck. Lol. So I'll be starting the soft drink ban when I feel I've sufficiently recovered hehe.

I miss my cat Dwayne. Thankfully Mum's checking in on him while I'm gone. He really is a bit of a pseudo child ;)

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