Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good things come in small (reusable) packages

On my wishlist on the side of this blog there are a number of big ticket items I'd like to get, like a breadmaker, slow cooker, and food processor... I ducked into the Environment Shop the other day and decided to get a little item off of my wishlist - a reusable sandwich wrapper!

These 4MyEarth products come as either a pocket (which I bought) or a wrapper. I can now chuck it in the washing machine and then use it again and again... Yay for a tiny but important reduction in my daily plastic wastage!

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  1. Cool! Well done! I just found out that Target in Australia has switched to bio-degradable bags for your shopping as well. Given the choice between them and K-Mart or WalMart now, I'll probably start using Target.


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