Tuesday, April 7, 2009

an awesomely active amputee...

Just found a blog called http://activeamputee.blogspot.com/, brilliant stuff! The guy writing it, Michael, has had his leg amputated recently and yet manages to rock climb, bushwalk, swim, mountain climb - you name it. For a lazy sod of an amputee who's exercised little in fourteen years, this is a very inspiring, motivating blog to read!

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  1. Hi Jess! Thanks for the glowing endorsement, I hope I don't disappoint! An even more inspiring guy is Meyrick Jones, a Canadian para-triathlete and helluva nice guy. Check out Meyrick's blog at: www.meyrickjonesracing.com. He's inspired me to keep up the fight to be active in spite of my injruy and he's full of good tips for amputees. Cheers!


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